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How to Correct Wrong Spelling of Registered Name in NSO Birth Certificate

On December 28, 2018 by birth certificate help

Are you one of the Pinoys who just recently found out that you have a wrong spelling or registered name in NSO birth certificate? Are you looking to correct that wrong spelling in your name or clerical / typographical error? Below are a few of the legal and personal actions that you can actually do and go through in order to have your misspelled name corrected as it appears in your NSO birth certificate.

As per what NSO Birth Certificate recently found out thru research from the archives of the Philippine Statistics Authority website, enlisted below are the requirements, persons of interest who can file or help you in going through the change name and the step by step procedures you will have to undergo in order to attain maximum success in getting the clerical changes done in your final NSO birth certificate. First, in order to understand more, let us define some terminologies and specify which of the cases fall under this particular situation.

how to correct wrong spellingWhat is a clerical error?

Clerical or”typographical error” refers to a mistake committed in the performance of clerical work in writing, copying, transcribing or typing an entry in the civil register that is harmless and innocuous, such as misspelled name or misspelled place of birth or the like, which is visible to the eyes or obvious to the understanding, and can be corrected or changed only by reference to other existing record or records: Provided, however, That no correction must involve the change of nationality, age, status or sex of the petitioner. (source:

What are the grounds for change of first name or nickname?

  1. The petitioner finds the first name or nickname to be ridiculous, tainted with dishonor or extremely difficult to write or pronounce.
  2. Legal related issues
  3. The new first name or nickname has been habitually and continuously used by the petitioner and he has been publicly known by that by that first name or nickname in the community: or
  4. The change will avoid confusion.
  5. Identity issues

How to Correct Wrong Spelling in NSO Birth Certificate

As per what is stated in the provisions of Republic Act 9048, the wrongly spelled name in the birth certificate should be corrected by filing a petition for correction of clerical error.

Who Can File for the Correction?

Also stated in the provision, the following persons of interest may be the ones to help and involved person whose change of name in his or her NSO records birth certificate. Please be guided accordingly as additional documents may be needed by some of the personalities on the list. Like for example, an authorization letter or an SPA (special power of attorney) may be required. You can find the list as sourced by us here.

  • owner of the record
  • owners spouse
  • children
  • parents
  • brothers
  • sisters
  • grandparents
  • guardian
  • other person duly authorized by law or by the owner of the document sought to be corrected;
  • if owner of the record is a minor or physically or mentally incapacitated, petition may be filed by his spouse, or any of his children, parents, brothers; sisters; grandparents, guardians, or persons duly authorized by law.

Where to File for the Correction of Clerical Error?

There are basically 2 categories for determining where to file for the changes in your name when found misspelled in your NSO birth certificate records. First is for those who were born in the Philippines and second is for those who were born abroad or in other country.

  • If born in the Philippines

    • The petition shall be filed with the local civil registry office of the city or municipality where the birth is registered.
    • When the petitioner had already migrated to another place within the Philippines and it would not be practical for such party to appear in person with the civil registrar of the place of birth, the petition may be filed with the civil registry office where he/she is currently residing
  • If born abroad

    • If born abroad, with the Philippine Consulate where the birth was reported.


Requirements for Correcting

  1. Three (3) original Petitions
  2. DFA Authenticated NSO-Birth Certificate or NSO-Marriage Certificate to be corrected.
    1. Original
    2. Three (3) photocopies
  3. At least two (2) public or private documents showing the correct entry or entries upon which the correction or change shall be based;
  4. Other documents which the petitioner or the Consul General may consider relevant and necessary for the approval of the petition.
  5. In case of change of first name or nickname, the petition shall be supported with the following documents:
    1. DFA Authenticated NSO-Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate to be corrected
    2. A clearance or a certification that the owner of the documents has no pending administrative, civil or criminal case, or no criminal record, which shall be obtained from the following:
      • b.1. Employer, if employed
      • b.2.National Bureau of Investigation
      • b.3 Philippine National Police
      • b.4 Affidavit of publication from the publisher and a copy of the newspaper clipping
  6. Please note that other documents may be required by the involved civil registrar.

How Much Fees to Pay for the Changes?

Fees or charges to pay may vary depending on where you will file the petition. As in the case stated above from our source in the official website of the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the cost is as follows. In the Philippines is the next listed below.

  1. SR200.00 – for correction of clerical error
  2. SR600.00 – for the change of first name
  3. one thousand Pesos (P1,000.00) as filing fee
  4. for petitions filed abroad a fee of $50.00 or equivalent value in local currency shall be collected
  5. other fees may be needed by a lawyer like those cases where a publication to any local news paper for 1 week may be involved

You may call our enlisted National Statistics Office hotline for particular and other related questions regarding errors in your birth certificate.

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