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  • ask ko lang po if how much po yung need ko bayaran hung kukuha po ako ng marriage contract and birth certificate, need ko po kasi sya sa pag aayos po ng papers ko sa SSS.

    Thank you,

    • need ko po yung reply nyo? hindi po kasi ako makapunta ng direct sa macapagal to get a copy kasi kakaanak ko lang po kaya magrequest na lang po ako thru mall.

  • tanong ko lng kc nag paayos aqo ng birth-certfcate so ayos n sia kaso nklgy lng sia s gilid n k2nayan n naayos n ng nso,tanong k lng po kylan tlga b sia maayos n d n kylngn sbhn n bshn p ung nsa gilid n naayos n nla kc nakailang kuha n k s pasig ganon p rin sayang lng binbyd k nk2 n k nkuha pls. nmn regarding 2 nso kyln po b k mkkuha n ayos n tlaga un.

  • ask ko lang po kung baket di nakapasok sa nso yong marriage contract certeficate namin ng asawa ko..pano po ang dapat kong gawin..

  • Good pm. bakit tl now wala pa yong Nso birth certificate ko ei…. lailangan ko na po talaga at hinahanapan nko ng school ko about this.

  • Good pm. bakit tl now wala pa yong Nso birth certificate ko ei…. kailangan ko na po talaga at hinahanapan nko ng school ko about this.

  • .ask ko lng po f anu na ang status ng birth crtfc8 file po kasi ako ng affidavit of supplemental report nung june 13.need ko po kac pagkuha ng passport.may correction po kasi sa gender and type of birth

  • saan po ba makakakuha ng birth certificate ng ipinanganak ng year 1936 and 1934?

  • Hi ask ko Lang po if may ibang way pa po para makuha ng mother ko yung birth certificate naming mag asawa habang NASA ibang ba sa kami?
    Thank you…
    Hope to hear from you soon…

  • Good afternoon Sir/Madam:

    I would like to extend my disappointment with your office, WHY? cause I filed a correction details in my marriage certificate that was mistakenly written in Marriage contract as January 1 instead of January 4 as my birth date, we process the papers and send paid for the whole transaction that was send to Manila for the correction but all of those time and effort of waiting was just NOTHING. NOTHING has change as to what was requested. SAME marriage contract details was written, did you know on how long I`ve waited this paper to be release? Did u know that this NSO authenticated paper mean a LOT to ME? If you know how big my expectations was it is times two big my disappointment is.

    I never though that despite of all the papers submitted and the money involve still NOTHING happens.

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